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This was a celebration of a terrific first year. We invited all of our previous champions back at no charge to compete with a whole new batch of competitors. We debuted a new location, new podiums, and further enhanced video. By far our largest event, this was a huge triumph for us. 


A highlight of our 6th event. This was our first event featuring grappling with a gi. It was great to bring back GsubX after a couple years of silence. 


After 3 events we learned a lot about our competitors. We learned they roll hard. We learned they will come back in large numbers if they enjoyed the previous event (which they did). And we learned we seem to appeal to a very eclectic, coloful bunch in particular. We grew, thanks to our volunteers, supporters, and community. 


Our first event, and the culmination of a year of planning. What began as writing on a yellow note pad became reality. A big thank you to all of the competitor giving an upstart grappling tournament a chance. 


The last event of year 1! We really hit our stride. We also debuted some new camera technology, adding an extra camera man and some very cool super slow motion effects. This also featured one of our absolute female brackets. An event to remember.



We learned alot from the first event, an we put it into practice. A smoother event in every way as we started to carve our niche . This was bigger and better in every way, It' was also the debut of 100% flimed and posted matches, a cornerstone of GsubX today.